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STENUM Asia has been helping enterprises become more Resource Efficient in South Asia, since March 2007.

Our objective is to promote sustainable development by:
• Working with enterprises on waste minimisation through the Cleaner Production approach
• Enhancing value of enterprises by strengthening their
     ◦ Social responsibility structures
     ◦ Ecological benefit mechanisms
     ◦ Economic profit
• Sensitising, encouraging and facilitating public for adoption of sustainable development practices
• Providing technical know-how to concerned persons about sustainable development

We work with industries, services companies, housing societies, schools, and city or district administrations to help them improve their sustainability options.We have impacted around 100 enterprises across sectors in India and helped them save money while saving the environment. The participating enterprises achieved higher resource efficiency at no or low investments. Payback period of our interventions are usually well below 1 year.

The unique feature of our approach is that it combines training, consultancy and support for implementation and evaluation of the implemented solutions. Thereby giving maximum benefit to the client.

While STENUM Asia's focus is on resource efficiency following the Cleaner Production approach, we also support enterprises in the adoption of appropriate and sustainable technologies, such as energy saving devices and renewable energy options.

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