Built Up Campus

We have a customized RECP approach for a built up campus which could comprise of a commercial office or mall, residential condominium or educational institution. Our proven approach delivers per capita reduction in consumption of energy and water as well as a reduction in quantity of waste generated on campus site.

For built up campuses, we start by developing performance evaluation indicators while referencing national or other benchmarks as well as the client’s own past performance. From here the focus areas for deeper engagement are determined and detailed assessment carried out accordingly. Optimal equipment and utility operation often requires training and capacity building of the operators, establishing or improving standard operating procedures (SOP). Having covered these aspects adequately we seek technology change options so that the cost savings from fixing the basics can make the investments for next level of improvement investments easier. At built up campuses, we explore both passive and active energy saving opportunities. Often the existing building management systems (BMS) are not fully integrated or not being utilised to identify saving opportunities; we help in training the staff to utilise the BMS to drive equipment and operational improvements to reduce energy use on the campus.

An example of impact of multiple improvements-At an educational campus, some valves of the chilled water supply line were left partially open leading to recirculation of water. By correcting this practice through modification of SOP and training to operators, we helped the client save Rs 7.98 lakh per annum with immediate payback.After initiating a system to track food waste at the campus canteen, we involved some interested staff members to drive and information campaign to reduce food waste. Paper waste minimisation campaigns were also rolled out. As a result per capita waste on the campus was also brought down by 32% within 6 months.