Technical Services For Green Finance

We provide a range of technical services for development banks, funding institutions, investment funds and implementing agencies seeking to promote adoption of resource efficient technologies and other sustainability interventions specially in small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The services include 

pre-investment stage

  • Inhouse training on Resource Efficient Cleaner Production (RECP) and other sustainability frameworks and topics as per specific needs for the non technical team members of the development banks, funding institutions or investment funds
  • Primary and Secondary research (including field studies covering a sufficiently large sample of targeted enterprises) led inputs for design of funding or investment scheme 
  • Awareness creation on available funding line and mobilization initiatives (including customized workshops and events) to create a pool of interested enterprises
  • Research, assessment and advise on appropriate technology choices for the SMEs
  • Showcase and matchmaking events like technology fairs to bring all stakeholders - funders/investors, technology providers, SMEs and others on one common platform.

post-investment stage

  • Audit and verification of the installed capital equipment
  • Outcome analysis (after a pre determined fixed period post the commissioning of the equipment)  on the SMEs business performance including financial and environmental aspects

Examples from our past work

As part of a project we helped a development bank to technically evaluate loan applications under a special energy efficiency line of credit. Over a period of 4 months more that 29 loan applications were evaluated by us to check the amount of carbon dioxide emission reduction from the proposed technology change, under the loan application. This technical check was treated as a pre-requisite before subsequent assessments by the bank. 

In a recent on-going project (called METABUILD) our team along with local partner organized a 2-day International Clean Technology (ICT) Fair at the Institute of Diploma Engineers Bangladesh (IDEB), Dhaka. The goal of this ICT Fair was to bring together the industries and the technology providers to apprise METABUILD project companies about various technologies that could be employed while implementing RECP measures. These technologies would complement the RECP practices already being introduced SMEs through the direct consulting and implementation support being provided by our project team. A total 64 technology suppliers (from Bangladesh, India and China) exhibited their products in the fair. Three financial institutions (FIs) also participated in the fair and described the different Green Financing Schemes to the visitors. There were more than 1200 visitors over the 2 days and several RECP investment agreements were signed off as a result of our fair.