Capacity Building

We help to build capacity in an organization (as well as within its ecosystem of suppliers and distributors) so that all employees understand relevant sustainability issues (material to the organization and the wider stakeholder community) as well as contemporary frameworks and approaches to adopt sustainability across the enterprise at strategic and operational level. 

We also help to create personal sustainability plans (PSPs) for all employees so that they become  ambassadors of change who not only influence their organizations positively but also the extended network of their friends and family. This goes well beyond conventional corporate social responsibility and creates a large community of citizens who personally adopt and promote sustainable consumption habits.  

Capacity building is relatively long term and deeper engagement compared to stand alone training. For this we use a suite of services that are customized and integrated for the specific needs of the client, some examples of which are

  • Training solutions (learn more about them here)
  • Ideation workshops.We use Whole Person Process Facilitation (WPPF) framework for design and moderation of meetings and workshop to enhance participation and free flow of ideas and to find solutions in the best possible way. The WPPF method is developed by Genuine Contact organization.
  • Off site exposure visits to see best practises
  • Creation of relevant Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Creation of best practice manuals and training guides.