We offer standard training programs as well as customized training solutions to meet specific requirements of our clients under sustainability related themes like Resource Efficiency, Circular Economy,Sustainable Consumption and others. Our training solutions are tailor made to meet specific needs of different levels of employees - Shop floor Operators, Supervisors, Middle Management and Senior Management.

We use several interesting training tools for example

  • Fun Factory - a training set up to support learning by doing, adaptable for staff or operator level trainees. Used for a variety of topics such as energy efficiency, mass flow analysis and chemical waste minimization.
  • Virtual Factory Toolkit - this digital tool helps factory staff learn about generic resource efficient cleaner production (RECP) potentials across a (typical) factory in a fun and interactive manner. Areas to focus on are identified and simple solutions proposed. Being a visual tool this also helps engage and involve operators.

Most of the standard training programs are of half to three day duration but customized training solutions can be delivered over a long term leading to very high capacity building. For example as part of an on-going assignment targeting the garment factories in Myanmar, our team has delivered 21 days of class room as well as on-field training on Resource Efficient Cleaner Production (RECP) topics to local consultants over 1 year. These capacity building sessions have covered topics like boiler energy efficiency, compressed air assessment system, Carbon foot printing amongst others. These trained consultants have then gone on to train more than 80 garment factory staff with our support. Our team provided technical support to our client in Myanmar to conduct a large renewable energy awareness raising event in which more than 100 participants from the garment sector learnt about renewable energy opportunities in their sector.