Who We Are

SUSTENT, a resource efficiency consultancy group, specializes in delivering low cost and even no-cost solutions for saving energy, chemicals, water and other material resources in enterprises across India and several South Asian countries.

Comprising of two entities - SUSTENT Consulting and STENUM Asia, the SUSTENT team has brought significant value addition for clients across automotive, steel, light engineering, metal finishing, retail, hospitality, healthcare, financial services and many other sectors. 

We also help enterprises integrate sustainability into their business vision, strategy and operations and address sustainability for the enterprise and its entire ecosystem in a holistic and future-oriented way.

The group started its journey in March 2007, when STENUM Asia was set up as a not-for-profit entity with help from an Austrian consulting group. It has since grown into an internationally recognized sustainability consulting firm that provides implementation support to high impact projects of regional or national importance that are funded by development institutions. In April 2018, SUSTENT Consulting private limited was set up as a new venture promoted by professionals from STENUM Asia and owned by Indian and Austrian investors with special focus on increasing the adoption of resource efficiency and circular economy in the private sector industry. Both organizations share the same mission, vision and value system but cater to different stakeholders including customers. They have similar modern management practices but operate at arms length to each other.  The group has several formal and informal collaborations with knowledge partners in Europe.