Our Team

Advisory Board
Prof Walter Stahel sits on the advisory board of SUSTENT group and advises and mentors the management team especially on business models for a circular economy relevant to Asia. Prof Walter Stahel has been influential in developing the field of sustainability, by advocating 'service-life extension of goods - reuse, repair, remanufacture, upgrade technologically' philosophies as they apply to industrialised economies. He founded the Product Life Institute in Geneva, Switzerland, a consultancy devoted to developing sustainable strategies and policies, after receiving recognition for his prize winning paper 'The Product Life Factor' in 1982. 

His ideas and those of similar theorists led to what is now known as the circular economy in which industry adopts the reuse and service-life extension of goods as a strategy of waste prevention, regional job creation and resource efficiency in order to decouple wealth from resource consumption, that is to dematerialise the industrial economy.In the 1990s, Prof Stahel extended this vision to selling goods as services as the most efficient strategy of the circular economy. He described this approach in his 2006 book The Performance Economy, with a second enlarged edition in 2010 which contains 300 examples and case studies. 

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation cites him as one of the foundational thinkers and influencers for circular economy. The phrase "cradle to cradle" itself was coined by him in the 1970s. Prof Stahel's several publications include The Performance Economy, published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2006 (a second revised and enlarged edition was published in March 2010), and The Circular Economy: A user's guide, published by Routledge in 2019.


Amongst the senior management are IIT and XLRI alumni having more than 35 years of combined experience in the sustainability and resource efficiency space.

Sanjiv Bhatia
Sanjiv is a Director of SUSTENT Consulting and the President of the governing council of STENUM Asia. He has two decades of international business experience servicing a customer base of leading international brands, retailers and factories across the apparel, footwear and luggage value chains spanning several markets in Europe and Asia.He has held many leadership roles including a global role based at London in strategy formulation and marketing for a US$ 600m business segment generating product mix improvements and activating new product launches. Sanjiv holds a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering, a MBA from XLRI, is a Chevening Scholar and has completed the General Management Program from Harvard Business School.He is also actively involved in promoting and supporting entrepreneurship.

Rajat Batra
Rajat is a Director of SUSTENT Consulting. He co-founded STENUM Asia in 2007 and as Chief Executive leads its team to formulate relevant solutions and deliver related consulting, training, and implementation support that helps enterprises become more Resource Efficient. Before starting STENUM Asia, Rajat has over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur of a SME manufacturing business with international collaborations and later as the Managing Director of an international JV producing automotive components. With a strong technical background (B. Tech from IIT-BHU, M.S. from The Ohio State University, USA and a M & V certification from AEE, USA) and learnings from several training programmes attended in Germany, Austria, China and Japan as well as a deep experience of leading several dozen project teams across South Asia, he is able to analyse and add value in enterprises across sectors. Rajat is a regular speaker at national and international sustainability related events and conferences. 

Markus Moeller
Markus is a Director of SUSTENT Consulting and based in Austria. He leads the international business development activities with special focus on European brands which have supply chains in Asia. In past 15 years, he has worked extensively on large scale multi country projects in Asia. His expertise includes capacity building, analysis and tracking of resource consumption data and developing resource indicators at enterprise or process level.

Overall Capability
The DNA of SUSTENT group is anchored by four core values - Integrity, Fairness, Client Orientation and Team Work and these define how we work and engage with all our stakeholders including employees and customers. The team has 

  • Practical understanding of business processes of both small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and large/ multinational business organizations and their extended ecosystems at both strategic and operational level. 
  • Experience of having delivered RECP and other solutions to over 700 organizations
  • Wide international experience of delivering projects in seven Asian countries
  • Capability to handle complex multi-location assignments.We bring speed and scale to such projects.
  • Ability to implement integrated management systems
  • Capability to assist with design and implementation of business models for Circular Economy

Technical Capability

  • Certified energy auditors 
  • Certified Lead Auditors (LA) for ISO 14001 Environment Management System, ISO 50001 Energy Management system and ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety (OHSAS)
  • Measurement and Verification (M & V) professional
  • Professionals trained on use of ISO 14064 standard to quantify, monitor, report and verify greenhouse gas emissions