We help manufacturing enterprises of all sizes in Automotive, Steel, Plastic, Sanitary Ware and other Industries  to minimize consumption of resources such as energy, water, chemicals and other material resources, for the same production output. With our RECP approach we are able to identify multiple improvement opportunities at a manufacturing site. The individual improvement opportunities can vary from very small to very large but when all the related improvement actions are implemented the cumulative impact on reduction in operating costs can be substantial - sometimes in several crores of rupees !

Using our proven systematic RECP approach to identify resource wastage, developing technically and commercially viable solutions and hand holding the client during the implementation phase, we work closely with the manufacturing plant team of the client to minimize resource loss.Need based training and capacity building of shop floor staff is also carried out to introduce and sustain good manufacturing practices from RECP perspective. We often integrate the RECP approach within the existing quality or environmental management systems or other initiatives like Kaizen or 5S at client factories for smoother acceptance of RECP within the factory. 

An example of impact of a single improvement - At a rubber tube manufacturing industry in Hyderabad we helped them save 300 t of raw material per year (and avoid 300 t of waste generation per year) though a simple process improvement at an investment of Rs 1.3 lakhs. The payback period was less than 1 month.

An example of impact of multiple improvements done at one manufacturing site - At a steel processing industry in Kolkata, our team helped save over 2,00,000 kWh electrical energy (equivalent to Rs. 17.8 lakhs savings) through several simple improvements. The payback period was 10 months.