Hospitality and Healthcare

We have delivered large cost savings to more than 30 hotels and hospitals across small to large properties of domestic as well as international brands.

Without disturbing the operations of a hotel or a hospital and with low investments, we have helped the hospitality and healthcare industry reduce their cost of energy, water and also to reduce waste generation. Our comprehensive RECP approach is very effective in unearthing energy and water saving opportunities. We also evaluate the opportunities for utilisation of renewable energy at the client properties, in a cost effective manner. We often align our efforts with the sustainability commitments of the brands and chart out a clear road map of low or medium cost improvements that will allow the specific property to achieve their targets of sustainability.

An example of impact of a single improvement at a hotel - At a premium hotel property in Jaipur, our client saved electrical energy worth Rs. 18 lakhs per annum (within 2 days of project start) with an immediate pay back, while reducing 196.8 t of CO2 emissions annually.

An example of impact of a single improvement at a hotel - Hotel kitchens also present cost saving opportunities. In a small hotel in Shimla, savings of Rs 1.08 lakhs per annum were realised simply through training and capacity building of the kitchen staff over several months, to keep the kitchen burners clean and ensuring that the burner flame is blue and not orange or red in colour (immediate payback).

An example of impact of multiple improvements in healthcare - At a hospital in Lucknow, by implementing 15 measures suggested by our team, the hospital management realized annual savings of Rs. 36.88 lakhs from energy savings and minimization of waste.

An example of impact of multiple improvements at a hotel chain - Across two properties of a large hospitality brand, we identified energy and water savings worth Rs 450.3 lakhs annually and signed off an implementation plan by the management. Overall payback period is 16 months and within that 15 actions have payback period of under 6 months.