We help the industry to improve compliance while actually saving operating costs though pollution prevention and waste minimisation.

Garment and Textile companies are being increasing asked by their buyers - brands and retailers to meet global sustainability commitments announced individually by such brands or as a coalition group.We help the garment and textile companies to meet these requirements and much more (where asked) in a cost effective and program mananged approach. Starting with comprehensive assessments under brand driven frameworks such as The Higg Index or carbon footprint assessment or a generic environmental management system such as ISO 14001, going to the operational level such as boiler efficiency improvement or even boiler operator training or evaluating the feasibility of renewable energy options for the unit, we offer the complete package for environmental aspect improvement for the clients. Our team has helped clients in the garment and textile industry in India, Myanmar and Vietnam.

In 2019 we provided technical support for the conceptual planning, implementation & documentation for Asian Dialogues regional event "Climate Action Workshop" held at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam for the textile industry.

An example of impact of multiple improvements - A textile dyeing unit in Sonepat was able to save Rs 2.7 lakh per annum from reduced demand of coal for firing the boiler as well as 3,200 litres of water, through three simple process improvements identified by our team. The unit saw the payback of the process improvements in less than 1 year, while lowering their CO2 emissions by 80 t per annum.