Sustainable consumption and production (SCP) is being adopted at a fast pace globally by consumers and brands. Retailers are positioned in the value chain between consumers and brands and many retailers market ther own private labels and in that sense are producers as well. With our specialized services we help retailers understand and maxmize value from the SCP trend.

Awareness on environmental issues amongst consumers in Asia is increasing and the retail industry can benefit by becoming more environmentally responsible and effectively communicating the same. We have solutions for operational cost reduction while reducing environmental impact, as well strategic solutions for increasing sustainable sourcing and consumer outreach. Having worked with the Retailers Association of India (RAI) in the past we have deep understanding of the challenges faced by retailers in India on this front. We have delivered several projects in the past that required implementation of hundreds of RECP interventions across large number of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). We have proven expertise in bringing speed and scale to such projects and this is particularly relevant for supply chains of retailers which are generally composed of a high percentage of SME suppliers.

An example of impact of multiple improvements-At one large retail store in Kolkata (part of a national retail chain) we helped reduce electricity consumption by 24% (Rs 2.5 lakh savings) through several small low- and even no-cost improvements (payback period was only 3 months).

An example of impact of multiple improvements- Our interventions with a retailer in Gurgaon helped the store reduce food wastage by 38% at no cost. Communicating this with the customers helped shore up the store’s image in the local area.

An example of impact of multiple improvements-RECP interventions at a client (food and snack manufacturing supply chain) in Mumbai has helped increase throughput by up to 10%, reduce material waste by 32% and energy savings of 23%, thereby making the supply chain more cost effective and sustainable.