Following products are designed to be used individually or in combination to suit the exact requirements of our clients so as to deliver highest value to the client:

ECO Find
An overall analysis on the efficiency of energy and resource consumption at the customer client is carried out. Key processes and procedures of the client are also studied and evaluated. The outcome is a list of improvement options and potential savings with respect to increasing energy and resource efficiency.

ECO Save
Specific measures and action plans on the basis of ECO Find options are evolved. Technical support in implementing the proposed measures is also provided. Detailed analysis is necessary to estimate the monetary and resource-saving potential of the proposed actions; the data for which is to be provided by the client.

ECO Secure
ECO Secure is the product that internalises the ECO Find and ECO Save modules at the customer's facility through training of their staff. This is most effective when the above modules are repeated at regular intervals. A key management tool in the form of resource-controlling indicators will be developed specifically for the enterprise.

ECO Change
ECO Find, ECO Save and ECO Secure are packaged together to delivery high value to client under ECO change

ECO Train
ECO Train includes workshops on preventive environmental protection and other environmental issues. This product can be customised based on number of persons and topics selected by the client . ECO train compliments the ECO change module. (Some common topics covered in workshops are listed in under workshop topic).

ECO Switch
ECO switch is an excellent product for resource optimisation at an enterprise and guarantee cost savings. This is achieved through effective combining of ECO Find, ECO Save, ECO Secure and ECO train modules. Pay back period of this product is usually less than 1 year.

ECO Region
ECO Region is based on a cluster approach and involves the modules of ECO Change in parallel with ECO Train, being run at several enterprises in a given region.This brings about significant improvements in environmental performance of the region at low cost and in a relatively short period. The optimum number of participants is 12, but minimum 8 participating enterprises are required.

ECO System
This product focuses on the documentation part of environment management system (EMS) being practiced or required at an enterprise. Creation of a living management system as per ISO14001, ISO9001, EMAS or other standards will be supported and if required till third party certification of the management system.

ECO Design
With ECO Design, companies can minimise the ecological footprint of their product and reduce associated costs. Training on use of ECO Design tool kit is provided along with the tool kit. This service helps build cost savings and environmental protection into a product at the design stage itself.

ECO Home
Content of the product is a simple analysis on the efficiency of energy and water consumption in the residential clients, Resident Welfare Associations, Condominiums or small offices. Lights, electrical appliances, heating and air conditioning systems, water use are analysed. Result of the service is a list of improvement options and potential savings with respect to increasing energy efficiency and water conservation. Solid waste management interventions can also be recommended, if desired.

Fig. 1: STENUM Asia product suite

Fig. 2:
ECO Region progression for an enterprise

Fig. 3: Regional Impact

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