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Under our consulting services we undertake large projects which encompasses entire operations of an industry / enterprise or smaller and direct interventions supported by our wide suite of products. Please click on the "Products" tab to view our suite of products.

In addition, we also offer standardised training modules as well as customised training workshops. Please click on the "Workshops Topics" tab for some of the common training topics covered.

Our work methodology for
consulting assignments:
  1. Data assessment and data generation
  2. Indicator assessment
  3. Analysis of processes, services, organization and related data
  4. Improvement options and counter-measure assessment
  5. Technical support for implementation
  6. Standardisation and Indicators for management
  7. Evaluation

Areas of intervention:

  1. Energy audits, energy efficiency and energy savings
  2. Material flow and analysis, material balancing
  3. Waste minimisation, waste analysis
  4. Water audit, water balancing and water conservation
  5. Environmental profile and carbon footprint assessment
  6. Environment auditing
  7. Renewable energy project viability, renewable energy project implementation support
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